Readings on a Bus

Modern, clever and fizzing with humour, Whatever Happened to Harold Absalon? not only maps in brilliant detail the pressures of everyday urban living, it also marks, in Simon Okotie, the arrival of a staggeringly original voice.’ Lee Rourke, author of The Canal.

Inspired by Žižek’s 24-hour book launch and by the 350th anniversary of the first bus journey, we’re in the process of videoing readings of the whole of Whatever Happened to Harold Absalon?, mostly on public transport. There’s something surprisingly liberating about reading aloud on a bus or train. Why not try it? Please do get in contact if you want to contribute a reading.


Hijacking a Bus – in an auto-rickshaw in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Have You Seen This Man?


Have You Seen This Man? cont’d (on the number 8 bus close to Liverpool Street station in London)


These two readings took place on the ‘Number 45 Ngaio’ bus in Wellington, New Zealand. 


“All good here, if not a little dramatic with a central north island volcano waking up the other day. Several hundred kilometres from us, and a very minor eruption thank goodness, but you can ‘smell it’ and there’s a fine ash all over north island.”


These two took place on the Truro to London Paddington train, at Par in Cornwall, UK. It’s clearly not a bus, but then only 71% (approx.) of the book takes place on bus. That’s OK then.


The reader is philosopher Dr. Susanne Gibson, whose book ‘100 Lessons on Doing the Right Thing in 100 Words or Less’ you can buy here.


This reading took place on the number 53 in Frome, UK, from Asda to the marketplace. Lovely.



This one’s on the X29 Norwich-Fakenham bus, between Lenwade and Bawdeswell, in Norfolk, UK. This bus is run by the wonderful people at Norfolk Green. Hurrah.



This one’s on the number 8 bus in London, between Bow Flyover and Old Ford Road. OK.


This one was made in a taxi along the Clerkenwell Road (we think), on a journey from Great Ormond Street hospital to Bethnal Green in London.

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