A detective story set on a Routemaster bus,
Simon Okotie's debut novel is as humorous as it is compelling.
'Style makes this offbeat début novel remarkable.' The Financial Times

Simon Okotie was born to Nigerian/ English parents. His family moved to rural Norfolk in the late seventies – seemingly one of few black families in the region. Whatever Happened to Harold Absalon? was conceived on his evening commute from work, as a transport consultant in central London, to Birkbeck, where he was studying philosophy. He also wrote a play on his morning commute from Kilburn to Oxford Circus, on the 189 bus.

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12-13 July 2014: Routemaster 60. If Hay is the Woodstock of the Mind, as the former president said, then this might just be the Woodstock of the Bus. Simon will have a stall selling books and giving away free postcards.


15-17 November 2013: Writeidea Festival – in conversation with Kit Caless at east London’s free reading festival. A free reading festival isn’t dangerous like a free diving festival might be. It’s just a festival about reading that is free.

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Glossary of Terms


An Hotel n. “…Notice how the use of ‘an’, adds a frisson of perhaps sexual excitement to the word hotel and that the means by which it does this is by effectively silencing the ‘h’, thereby transporting, at a stroke, the hotel from the Anglo Saxon world to the Gallic world, with the concomitant sense of style and relaxed sexual expressiveness that that entails…”

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